Parker’s rotary shaft FlexiSeal™ designs feature either a flanged design (FFC FFS FFN) or an O-ring on the OD to keep the seal fixed in the bore as the shaft rotates. The O-ring can either be centered along the OD (FCC FCS) or located in the heel of the seal (FHC FHS).


A poppet with crimped seal assures maximum sealing and prevents seal washout at high flow rates. Page 10. Catalogue 3800-MOB/UK. 8. Parker Hannifin. Fluid 

Article re-posted with permission from Parker Hannifin Sealing & Shielding Team. Original content can be found on Parker’s Blog. Consult Parker Hannifin France SAS's entire Pompe hydraulique à pistons axiaux PV catalogue on DirectIndustry Axial Piston Pump PV 016 to 028 P V R 1 K 1 T 1 N axial piston jmp 1 rotation i mounting interface i thru drive code i seals control see next page variable displacement size and All Parker Hannifin France SAS General installation guidelines for rod seals 22 Maximum gap allowance 24 Wipers 27 Guiding elements 53 Rod seals 77 Piston seals 109 Other seal products 135 O-rings 136 Anti-extrusion rings 142 Static radial seal 145 Flange seals 147 Rotary seals 150 Sealing sets for piston accumulators 159 Hydraulic Seals Parker Hannifin Prädifa Technology Parker, the global leader in motion and control technologies, develops and manufactures innovative sealing solutions to meet the challenges of today's vastly changing industries. From fluid power and aerospace to life sciences and solar power, Parker provides a wide range of specialty elastomers to satisfy unique sealing requirements with a combination of experience, innovation and support Piston Seal Profiles Parker offers the most comprehensive range of piston seals in the market today. A variety of profiles such as lip seals, cap seals and squeeze seals are manufactured from proprietary rubber, thermoplastic and PTFE compounds to meet the broad demands of the fluid power industry. PTFE Seals Parker Hannifin 8 Prdifa Technology Division General information 1 When to use PTFE seals In the 1960’s, the addition of fillers was found to improve a num-ber of physical properties, particularly creep and wear rate. Parker Hannifin Corporation Engineered Polymer Sytems Division Salt Lake City, UT Phone: (801) 972-3000 Fax: (801) 972-4777 Build With The Best!

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Page 10. Catalogue 3800-MOB/UK. 8. Parker Hannifin. Fluid  Our new Seal-Lok® Xtreme. O-ring Face Seal fitting technology provides leak- free connections that optimize fluid conveyance in Natural.

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced The Parker Service Master CONNECT, a strong diagnostic measuring device for mobile and stationary hydraulic applications,

10.6. 60. 15.9.

Jan 27, 2021 Catalog CSS-6431/USA Fastener and Fitting Seals Parker Hannifin Corporation Composite Sealing Systems Division San Diego, CA 600 

Catalogue HY30-3245/UK Ordering Code Axial Piston Pump PV 140 to 180 P V R 1 K 1 T 1 N axial p piston mp 1 rotation i mounting interface i i thru drive seals code 1 1 control see next page displacement size and displacement variation threads code coupling code Code Displacement Size 140 180 140 cm3/rev 180 cm3/rev 4 4 Code Seals N NBR V FPM W NBR with PTFE shaft seal P FPM with PTFE shaft seal Press-In-Place seals are available in nearly every material family and engineered for optimum size and configuration for each unique application. Extruded PIP seals can be as small as .500” inner diameter, or have an outer diameter as large as 19”. Molded PIP seals can be as large as 60 inches in diameter.

High-pressure applications usually require a tandem rod sealing system including a buffer seal. Rod Static seals provide the sealing function in all applications in which no movement of the sealing element versus the sealing surface relative to one another occurs. Parker's offering of sealing solutions for static applications is among the industry's broadest.
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Parker hannifin seals catalog

Parker Hannifin Corporation Engineered Polymer Sytems Division Salt Lake City, UT Phone: (801) 972-3000 Fax: (801) 972-4777 Build With The Best! Parker T-Seal Parker O-Ring U-Packing V-Packing Cup Type Packing Flat Gasket Compression or Jam Packing 4 Seal Type Comparison Comparison of Common Seal Types A number of common seal types -- T-Seals Parker's lip seals offer a wide range of benefits for many applications and markets. Such as low load or low closure force as well as a self-energizing requirements. Parker rod seals for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and actuators seal the applied system pressure against the atmosphere side. Their purpose is to prevent external leakage and thus avoid contamination of the ambient environment.

San Diego, CA. Catalog CSS-6431/USA. Fastener and Fitting Seals. Stat-O-Seal. How the  All information in this catalogue is based upon years of experience in the The Parker Hannifin Corporation.
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Parker offers a number of seal materials certified to the most common AMS and MIL material specifications. What Parker compound meets this ASTM D2000 / SAE J200 specification? Parker supplies O-ring compounds to meet most standard ASTM D2000 / SAE J200 material specifications.

19-05-12375-1287 · 5330-01-594-6316, seal nonmetallic special shaped This document and other information from Parker Hannifin Corporation, its subsidiaries and Catalog 3350: Hydraulic Seals. • Catalog 3351: Pneumtic- Seals. Seal & Component Parts. 14. 051 Series Select the Component and Seal Kit. 11.